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War Memorials at Coventry Schools

Bablake School

Dedicated to: The 700 former pupils who served and the 96 who died in the war.

History: This is a large wooden memorial board in the school hall. The school also has a bound roll of honour listing all former pupils who died in both world wars.

Current location: Bablake School.

Bablake Roll of Honour

King Henry VIII School

Dedicated to: Former pupils who died in the war.

History: The memorial is in the form of a library with a wooden plaque. The library and the plaque were destroyed by bombing in the Second World War. The library has been rebuilt and a new plaque commemorates former pupils who died in both World Wars. 

Current location: King Henry VIII School.

King Henry VIII plaque

Frederick Bird School

Dedicated to: 400 former pupils who served in the war and 41 old boys and one teacher who died.

History: Frederick Bird was the first school in Coventry to have a memorial. It was unveiled in September 1919 by Councillor Fred Lee. It included a large photograph of AJ Suddens, teacher at the school, who died as a prisoner of war in 1918.

Current location: This memorial no longer exists. 

Memorial at Frederick Bird School

Eden Girls School

Dedicated to: Private Philip Gray West and A.H. Carpenter

History: The memorial garden was created by the girls of Year 9 in June 2016 as part of a Legacy 110 project following a visit to battlefields of the First World War. The memorial is in the form of two plaques surrounded by planting. It is intended to extend the initial planting into a garden area. The memorial was unveiled at a School Assembly focusing on the battle of the Somme on 1st July 2016.

Current Location: Eden Girls School, Stoney Stanton Road.

Eden Girls School memorial

Unveiling of the Eden Girls School memorial

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