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About the Coventry Society

The Coventry Society campaigns for...

Quality in Coventry

We want to see better quality in the streets, squares, parks and buildings in all parts of Coventry.  We want to see well designed streets with active frontages, not dominated by road signs, guard rails and other clutter. 

Coventry Amenities

We want Coventry to have the leisure, sports and cultural facilities and services you would expect for a city of its size.

Diversity and distinctiveness in Coventry

We do not want Coventry to look like every other city.  We need different types of shops and cultural amenities, catering for everyone. We promote and protect independent retailers and other small businesses.

Coventry Heritage

Coventry's heritage is important for the City's sense of identity and belonging. The character and quality, that old buildings and other historic features bring to our city centre and neighbourhoods, needs to be protected. Urgent attention needs to be paid to making good use of old buildings.

The Coventry Society....

  • holds lively monthly meetings on topics relevant to the quality of our city
  • organises other events where people can find out what is going on in the city and get their views heard
  • produces an informative monthly newsletter for its members and this web site
  • monitors planning applications and campaigns to improve the quality of new developments
  • keeps an eye on Coventry's heritage and works actively to find new uses for old buildings
  • co-operates with community groups, the City Council, architects and developers to promote quality in the built environment
  • works to encourage all Coventry's citizens to have a say on the future of our city
  • comments on City Council and other policy that affects the future of our city

Registered Charity No. 500229

Download a leaflet about the Coventry Society.

Download the Coventry Society's Constitution

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