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Fred Millett - Locarno: Glass Panels

If you look up at the Central Library building you will see the Mosaic tiles created by Fred Millett 1920 -1980.

Fred Millett was primarily a mural artist, although he also did decorated ceramic tiles and plates, poster and sketches. His first mural was at Morley College in 1950. His varied clients included London County Council, National Westminster Bank, York University, the Wakefield Water Board and the General Post Office. He displayed art as part of the Festival of Britain and from the mid 1960s, he taught Perception and Communication at the Polytechnic of Central London (now University of Westminster). There is a work by Fred Millett in the Government Art Collection.

Fred Millett - Locarno glass panels

Detail of the Locarno Ballroom façade showing the glass mosaic decoration.

The artwork is described as "The Locarno ballroom in dark-red/grey brick panels separated with blind ‘windows’ of brightly coloured glass mosaic, designed by the mural artist Fred Millett. The panels were made by Kett & Neve and Fred Millett. The mural dates from 1958−60."

Artwork by Fred Millett

Artwork by Fred Millett

'Summer' (above) and 'Autumn' (below) were two of three murals created by Fred Millett for St Crispin's School in Wokingham in the 1950s. Unfortunately all three murals were painted over with gloss paint by over-enthusiastic Head Teachers in the 1960s and 1970's. Two of the three murals have recently been restored, but 'Winter' was not restorable and has been recreated by a local artist in the style of Fred Millett. 

Fred Millett poster

Designed by Fred Millett in 1968, this Pop Art style poster was to promote travel to London after dark to the attractions such as the theatres, cinemas, late-night shopping, restaurants and the town itself. “In the dark, the west end comes to life”.

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Vanessa Ball writes (23/7/2021):

"I revisited my old school today before it is due to be redeveloped and was pleased to see the mosaic pieces by Fred Millett were still there. The mosaics were being surveyed for conserving and transferring to the new school buildings. The school is West Academy formerly Tile Hill Wood Girls Comprehensive School."