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Where are our "Lost War" Memorials?

The Coventry Society is trying to locate and record the condition of all the First World War Memorials in the city. So far we have identified 66 memorials that once existed. Of these we know that eight no longer exist and we know the location of 49 of the others. That means we don't know what became of nine memorials! Some might have been relocated to other buildings, whilst others might have been destroyed during the blitz. We just don't know, but we are expecting someone in the city will know. 

Can you help?

The "lost" memorials are as follows:

1. Iliffe and Sons Memorial.

Illiffe memorial

 This bronze tablet unveiled by W Coker Iliffe, in November 1921, at the Vicar Lane Works and later installed at the company’s Hertford Street Offices. It may have been destroyed during the blitz, but does anyone know for sure? Perhaps the Coventry Telegraph has a record?

2. Memorial from All Saints' Church, Far Gosford Street

This consisted of oak panelling with an altar table of remembrance in front. It was dedicated to the men of the parish who served in the war and the 21 who died. It was unveiled by Colonel Wyley in June 1921. The church also contained a stained glass window in memory of Gunner Thomas Farmer, who was killed at Ypres in 1917. The Church was demolished in the 1970's, but what happened to the memorial? 

3. Memorial from St. Mark's Church, Swanswell.

This Church originally had a memorial altar with two memorial tablets, one on each side. The church is no longer in use and the tablets have been removed. It has been suggested that they may be at St Barnabas Church, Cromwell Street. Can you confirm that, or do you know where they are?

4. Memorial from St. Thomas's Church, Albany Road

This memorial was originally a shrine that was dedicated by the Bishop of Coventry in 1917. It was rebuilt inside the Church and unveiled by the Mayor in June 1920. It was dedicated to the 72 men of the parish who died in the war. The Church was demolished in 1976. Was the memorial destroyed with it?

5. Boys Brigade and Coventry Cadets Memorial

This was a decorated scroll in an oak frame in the Stevens Memorial Hall, part of the Ragged School on New Buildings. It was unveiled by the Mayor in January 1921. It was dedicated to the 300 members of the Boys’ Brigade and Second Coventry Cadet Battalion who served in the war. Was this memorial moved somewhere else?

6. Coventry Liberal Club Memorial

This was a brass plaque with an oak frame, positioned in the main entrance hall of the Liberal Club on Warwick Road. It was unveiled by Alderman Drinkwater, the President of the Club. It was dedicated to the 150 members of the club who served in the War and to the five who died.

7. Coventry Working Men's Club Memorial

This memorial was a scroll created by Mr E Kennard, Art Master at Rugby School. The scroll was in a gilt frame, inside an oak case. It was unveiled at the club on Cox Street by Colonel HJ Hutt of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment in December 1921. It was dedicated to the 255 members of the club who served in the war and the 17 who died. The club became part of Coventry University and was later demolished, but what happened to the memorial?

8. Coventry Tramway Deparment Memorial

Tramway memorial dedication

This memorial consisted of oak panels finished in black and gold. It was unveiled by the Mayor in June 1919 at Priestley’s Bridge Depot, Stoney Stanton Road. It was dedicated to the 130 men of the Coventry City Council Tramways Department who served in the war and the 16 who died.

9. Coventry Post Office Memorial

This was a tablet with the names of the 16 men who died. It was dedicated to the staff of Coventry Post Office who died in the war. It was unveiled in December 1920 by Mr Mears, Postmaster.

Can you help locate or provide information about any of these "lost" war memorials? Perhaps you have a photograph, or know where we can find one? 

We need your help with our project to record all the city's War Memorials. We are holding a workshop about surveying the city's remaining First World War Memorials on Saturday 20th June 2015. You can find out more information here.

See a video about our War Memorials Project here!

Reader Comments (3)

There's a war memorial on display in the waiting area of where you collect parcels in Coventry North delivery office. Not sure if it's the one you're looking for or not though.

By Hazel on Friday, June 12, 2015

I have forwarded a link to the piece about the Iliffe Memorial to Robert Iliffe, in case he knows anything about it.

By Robert Caldicott on Saturday, June 13, 2015

Have you got the memorial that used to be inside the Burnt Post PH on Kenpas Highway - I presume it's still there. It used to be on the inside of the front wall near an outside door I think.

By Brian Croom on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

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