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Stoke House 

Planning permission and listed building consent have been sought for the conversion of one of Coventry's historic old houses, Stoke House in Wyken, which was the birthplace of Colonel Wyley.

Colonel William Fitzthomas Wyley was a chemist who became the Lord Mayor of Coventry in 1911.

Colonel Wyley

Between 1889 and 1940 he lived at the Charterhouse and on his death he left it to the city. 

Stoke House is over 200 years old. It was occupied by a leather merchant named Harvey and then a socilitor named John Brown Twist (1809 – 1885). Twist was the director of the Gas Company and Coventry Canal Company and was a respected Churchman. The old house had a stable and a cobbled courtyard and is original except for the firedoors. In 1939 – 1945 it was used as a barrage balloon unit. After the war it became a Children’s Home and until recently was a secure unit for young offenders.

The building is owned by the City Council and is currently vacant and occupied by property guardians via Ad hoc, a company recommended to the City Council by the Coventry Society.

The current planning permission is for conversion and development into a Care Home. Take a look at the planning application and send your comments to the Council directly, via the link above. 

Stoke House

Update 28/6/2021: Stoke House is now a nursing home and has been renamed as Eden House. 

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The main house was used as the school when i was there in 1980

By John Hall on Saturday, October 5, 2013

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