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Coventry Society Committee

The Coventry Society is run by a small group of enthusiasts called "The Committee" or more formally "The Executive Committee". The committee is made up of four formal positions (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) together with up to eleven additional committee members. We also have some "informal" positions which are filled by volunteers on the committee but are not formally nominated (we have a minute secretary and in theory a membership secretary - although this role has been undertaken by the Treasurer for some years). 

The Coventry Society is a registered charity and the committee members are the trustees of the charity and their names are formally notified to the Charity Commission each year.  

Following the AGM on 8 April 2019 the committee members are:

Paul Maddocks - Chairman

Vincent Hammersley - Vice Chairman

Colin Walker - Treasurer 

John Payne - Secretary

Terry Kenny - Minute Secretary

Les Fawcett - Committee Member

Peter Walters - Committee Member

Jim Passmore - Committee Member

John Purcell - Committee Member

Trevor Cornfoot - Committee Member

The committee is elected each year at the AGM. All committee members stand down before the meeting and may be re-elected onto the committee. 

Download a Nomination Form here. 

Where there are vacancies on the committee, they have the authority to nominate additional members. The committee may also invite interested people to attend committee meetings as observers. Anyone interested in joining the committee or observing a committee meeting should contact the Secretary.


You can read the Chairman's Annual Report for 2018-9 here.