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Join the Coventry Society and make a difference


Coventry Society members on a visit to Bagot's Castle

Coventry Society members visit Bagot's Castle

It only cost £15 per year to be a full member of the society (£20 for couples) and for that you can have your voice heard, attend our meetings and visit some hidden gems and new developments that the general public do not have access to. If you are interested in getting more involved then ask to be seconded to our Committee and help shape the thinking of the society. Look at the photos on this page to see some of the things that we get invovled with. 

Full membership £15 for individuals and £20 for couples. Join now and your membership will last until the end of January 2023

  • Attend all our meetings and events.
  • Receive frequent updates from the society by e mail.
  • Eligible to join our committee and sub committees.


Drapers Hall Ball Room

Drapers Hall Ball Room - join the Society to get involved in the future plans for this wonderful building.

Joining or Renewing Your Membership

You can join or renew your membership of the Coventry Society today by clicking on the link below.

Join the Coventry Society