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Discover the Hero who lived in your house or street

Rededication of Triumph Memorial

The Coventry Society has published unique information enabling everyone to discover if a serviceman who died in the First World War lived in your street, or even in your house.

Much has been made of the devastating Blitz of World War 2. However, from a population of 110,000, over 2000 Coventry men left to fight in the First World War never to return home to their city.

Coventry Society member Vince Hammersley has created an on-line A – Z street index giving details of Address, Name, age, date of death and parents or wife of Coventry men who died in the First World War. It also contains the location of a grave or memorial, medals where known and Regiment, squadron or ship. This will soon be followed by a map of the City with all those streets where a loss occurred shown graphically to demonstrate how the grief affected every part of our City.

It is hoped that this newly produced information will assist local historians, family researchers, communities and schools to discover more about the lives that were cut short and the affect upon wives, mothers, parents, siblings and the community in their area.

Many records were destroyed by fire in WW2, so the list, which currently contains nearly 1200 entries, is incomplete but will grow as further information presents itself. It is hoped that following discussions with the Royal British Legion that the format for this project could be rolled out across the country, enabling many more to take an interest in this event which has now passed into history after 100 years.

Although, thankfully, it is not possible to walk in their shoes, it is still possible to walk on their streets and to remember their sacrifice.

Follow the link below to see if there was a hero in your street!

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