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Company War Memorials

British Thompson-Houston Co Ltd

Dedicated to: The employees of British Thompson-Houston (Coventry) who died in the war.

History: This was originally erected in the British Thompson-Houston factory in Alma Street.

Current Location: Royal Warwicks Club, Tower Street.

BTH War Memorial

Coventry Chain Company

Dedicated to: The 47 employees of the Coventry Chain Company who died in the war.

History: Coventry Chain built a drinking fountain and horse trough on Hearsall Common as a memorial. It was handed over to the city by AS Hill, Managing Director of the Company, in July 1920. The horse trough and the wrought iron sides of the drinking fountain have disappeared but the column was restored and rededicated in 1999 in this new location. The plaque, which was missing, was found by Stuart Clewlow in a market in Lancashire.

Current location: Spon End, in front of the Koko building.

Coventry Chain War Memorial


Plaque on Coventry Chain memorial

Coventry Chain - Renold Chain

As well as the memorial shown above, the Coventry Chain Company and its successor Renold Chain have a memorial plaque inside the Cenotaph in the War Memorial Park. It is believed that there were also two memorial dovecotes at the factory.  

Dedicated to: Erected to the memory of those employees who served their country: 1914 - 1918  1939 - 1945

Current Location: Inside the Chamber of Silence, the Cenotaph, War Memorial Park.

Renold Chain Coventry Chain memorial

Dunlop Ltd

Dedicated to: The employees of Dunlop (Coventry) who died in both world wars.

History: Erected in the Dunlop factory after the Second World War. Later moved to the Dunlop Club before being restored and returned to the Dunlop site.

Current Location: On the Dunlop site, now owned by Meggitt Plc.

Dunlop Memorial

Iliffe and Sons Ltd

Dedicated to: The 233 employees of Messrs Iliffe and Sons Ltd, Printers and Publishers, who served in the war and to the 39 who died.

History: Bronze tablet unveiled by W Coker Iliffe, November 1921, at the Vicar Lane Works and later installed at the company’s Hertford Street Offices. It was inscribed ‘To the Glory of God and in memory of the men of this firm who gave their lives in the Great War, 1914-1918’.

Current location: This memorial was destroyed when the Coventry Evening Telegraph offices were bombed in the War. 

Iliffe Memorial

Siddeley-Deasy Motor Co Ltd

Dedicated to: The employees of the Siddeley-Deasy Motor Car Co who served in the war. Includes the names of the 26 who lost their lives.

History: As well as a memorial board, Siddeley-Deasy paid for plaques in the War Memorial Park for each man who died.

Current location: The roll of honour is in the Herbert’s History Centre.

Sidderley Deasy memorial

Triumph and Gloria

Dedicated to: The 66 employees of the Triumph and Gloria Companies who died in the war.

History: Stone column, unveiled by Siegfried Bettmann in March 1921, with over 1000 people attending the ceremony.

Current location: London Road Cemetery.

Dedication of the Triumph War Memorial

Triumph and Gloria memorial

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