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Coventry First World War Memorials

2014 was the centerary of the outbreak of the First World War, or "The Great War" as it was known. As part of the tribute to the people who gave their lives during the War we have created a set of pages showing all the WW1 War Memorials in Coventry. These pages have been created in colloboration with the Herbert Gallery and some of the content was included in the Great War exhibition, which ran at the Herbert until 1st February 2015. 

We set out thinking that there would be just a handful of memorials in the city, but the final count is a staggering 86, although they do not all still exist. In 2015 we started a project to survey all of the memorials in the city and record them on the national War Memorials Online website. In June 2016 we completed this survey and are currently looking to get some of these memorials listed and others restored. There is a news story about this here and a video here! You can download a case study of our project prepared by Civic Voice here.

In 2018 one of our members created Hero on my Street - a database listing all the streets where someone was killed in the First World War, with details of the names, ranks, regiments and the location of their grave where known. 

We have categorised the memorials in the city under the following headings:

Company War Memorials

Church War Memorials

War Memorials in Clubs and Organisations

Coventry City Council and other Public Service War Memorials

School War Memorials

Regimental Memorials

Other War Memorials

Memorial at StPauls Church Foleshill 


If you have other information about First World War memorials in Coventry we would like to hear it. Please fill in the webform below the photo gallery or send us photos to [email protected] 

Image Gallery: Click on the image below to get a larger photo.... Also we have created a flickr set with higher quality photos.