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Coundon Hall (The Old Hall) Tamworth Road

The Grade II listed Old Hall on Tamworth Road was an 1840’s country house, that dates from the development of Coundon as a residential district for the more affluent city residents. During the Victorian period, affleunt traders and retired people from the city built large new houses along Tamworth Road in the still attractive rural area of Coundon and Kerseley, away from the working class areas of the city. Other big houses in the district include Coundon House in Southbank Road, Keresley Grange and Coundon Court (now a school). Coundon Hall, usually known as the Old Hall, is a Grade II listed building, which was previously a pub-restaurant. It suffered a fire during building works in 2010 which destroyed a large area of the roof.

The building has recently been refurbished as a luxury hotel and wedding venue. Further work is planned to develop additional subterranean rooms that are acceptable in the Green Belt. The Coventry Society considers that this building is no longer "at risk".