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Public Art in Coventry

For Civic Day 2016, our Vice Chairman Paul Maddocks researched and led a tour of some of the public art in Coventry city centre. Coventry has an amazing heritage of public art and in the run up to Coventry's City of Culture bid, the Coventry Society would like to bring it to the attention of a wider public. The following artworks were included in Paul's tour:

1. William Reid-Dick - Self Sacrifice, Lady Godiva - Bronze cast by Morris Singer

Self Sacrifice

More Information about Self Sacrifice

2. George Wagstaffe - Coventry Cross (replica of 1542)

Coventry Cross

More about the Coventry Cross

3. John Hutton - Cathedral West Screen - engraved glass

Cathedral screen

More information about the West Screen by John Hutton

4. Jacob Epstain - St. Michael and the Devel - Bronze cast by Morris Singer

Epstein - St Michael and the Devil

More information about St. Michael and the Devil by Jacob Epstein

5. Philip Bentham - Coventry Boy - Bronze cast by Morris Singer

Apprentice Boy statue

More about the Coventry Boy Statue by Philip Bentham

6. Coventry University Logo, Negus & Negus, based on David Bethel (Head of Art College 1955) - Phoenix

Coventry Univesity Logo

More about the Coventry University Logo

7. Jean Parker - The Enfolding - Bath Stone

Negur and Negur

8. Gary Galpin - Mother and Children - limestone


More about Gary Gilpan and his sculpture "Mother and Children".

9. Dr. Tim Trelfall - Barra suite 5 - limestone

Mother and Child

More about Dr Tim Threlfall and Barra 5

10. John Poole - Coventry Coat of Arms

Coventry Council Logo

More about John Poole and the Coat of Arms

11. F. E. McWilliam - Portrait Figure of Elizabeth Frink - bronze 1965

Elizabeth Frink

More about the Portrait Figure of Elisabeth Frink by FE McWilliam

12. Walter Ritchie - Mans Struggle

Walter Richie sculpture

13. Paul De Menchaux - Basilica - Purbeck, Portland limestone, Frankland grey granite


14. Henry Wilson - Council House - Runcorn stone & Portland stone

Council House

More about Henry Wilson and his sculptures around the Council House

15. Michael Furrell - Flywheel

Michael Furrell Flywheel

16. Unknown - Lloyds Bank

Lloyds Bank

17. G A Brown, sculpture Birmingham Guild of Handcraft & Mr. Pearson metal work motifs- National Provicial

Doors at Nat Prov Bank

18. Trevor Tennant - Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom (clock)

Godiva Clock

19. Trevor Tennant - The People of Coventry - Doulting stone

The People of Coventry 1  The People of Coventry 2   The People of Coventry 3  The People of Coventry 4

20. Unknown - Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom

21. William George Mitchell - Panels

Mitchell Panels

22. George Wagstaffe - Phoenix

Wagstaff Phoenxi

23. William George Mitchell - Three Tons - concrete

Three Tuns Coventry

Read More about William George Mitchell

24. Robert Conybear & Uta Molling - Thread Through Time - concrete rubble mix

Thread through time

25. Fred Millett - Locarno - Glass tiles

Fred Millett - Locarno glass panels

26. Thomas Gordan Culan - History of Coventry Tiles

Tile History of Coventry

27. John Skelton - Co-op columns

John Skelton - Coop

28. James C. Brown - Belgrade relief

Broadgate Relief

29. Norelle Keddie - Bryan Bailey Memorial

Brian Bailey

30. Helaine Blumenfeld - Two sides of a Woman

Two sides of a woman