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News Stories on the New CovSoc Website

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As part of the modernisation of our communications, the Coventry Society has established a new News Site for all of our news. The new site is integrated with our other online communications, including Facebook, Twitter, Eventbrite and Google Calendar. Eventually we will also integrate the news site with our newsletter, so that instead of receiving a monthly newsletter you will receive updates and stories as and when they happen. 

Take a look now! 

Recent News Stories:

Professor Richard Farnell RIP - 14/10/2018

Coventry Society visit to St. Mark's - 13/10/2018

The Foundation of our City - 11/10/2018

Dr Cathy Hunt: the History of Women in Coventry 1850 - 1950 - 8/10/2018

Where have all our canopies gone - 6/10/2018

Topping Out at Copsewood - 4/10/2018

Civic Voice Supports Campaign to save the Coventry Cross - 3/10/2018 

Next meeting - St. Mark's and the Feibusch Mural - 3/10/2018

Does it have to be riding roughshod? - 2/10/2018

Twentieth Century Society Response to the Upper Precinct Plans - 28/9/2018

Historic England's response to the Upper Precinct Plans - 27/9/2018

Rotterdam shows the way on civic architecture - 26/9/2018

Campaign to Save the Coventry Cross - 25/9/2018

Tribute to Ralph Butcher - 14/9/2018

Moving the Cross! - 13/9/2018

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