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High Speed UK - A Presentation by Colin Elliff

Colin Elliff BSc CEng MICE is the Engineering Principal of HSUK, the real alternative to HS2. On 11th September 2017 he gave an interesting presentation to the Coventry Society. You can download the presentation here. 

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Reader Comments (3)

This looks something along the lines of an idea that has struck me as the most obvious solution: Britain HAD a continental-style, centre-platform, high-speed line from London to Scotland, with exceptionally little incline at any point along its length. It was the pinnacle of late-Victorian railway engineering, and would likely still stand-out for its excellence today. The line was one of many closed under the inept short-sightedness of Beeching. I refer, of course, to the Great Central. Restoring this, in preference to decimating the countryside with the needless current "HS2" proposal strikes me as an absolute "no-brainer".

By Tony Seaton on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Thanks Tony. Rebuilding the Great Central Railway is a seductive idea for some but I'm sorry it isn't what's needed. You have to start from what the country needs, not from what excites politicians. The Great Central is built over in Rugby, Leicester and Nottingham. Reopening it would mean vast destruction of property and still not achieve the numerous fast links offered by HSUK. Just the same failings as HS2. The HSUK plan is needed to show how poor HS2 is and how much better it could be. Are we going to sleep-walk into wasting over 50bn on an ill-conceived lemon?

By Les Fawcett on Friday, September 22, 2017

HS1-2...... They are ALL unnecessary projects if some fantasy island idea which will end up costing the taxpayer millions which would be better spent on our NHS - caring for the elderly - and of course our road system! When did we last build a major motorway? Still no electrification of the trains towards Wales ? No,we are a small country which has no need for bullet type trains - I travel to London frequently in ONE hour from cov! Once there it's a nightmare to get to a destination within the city so what's the point in arriving 15 mins earlier? Is life that important? NO it's not.

By Graham smith on Thursday, November 2, 2017

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