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David McGrory: A – Z of Coventry: Places – People - History

David Mcgrory book cover

I have been able to get a copy of David McGrory's new book, A-Z of Coventry, Places - People - History. I think it is about the 29th book that David has written on Coventry. This one is different in the way it starts at A for Arms and covers different subjects up to Z for Zoo. It's packed with interesting facts about Coventry’s history. Not everyone sees it, but Coventry is a remarkable city with a history going back into ancient times. It was the fourth largest city in medieval England and became the home to a royal family, effectively a capital. It has a fascinating industrial history from wool dyeing and weaving to being the capital of watchmaking, cycles and motor cars. It suffered one of the most intensive air raids in history and many more raids, yet like a Phoenix it rises. Recently the city won the City of Culture 2021 bid. Culture and history lies deep within Coventry and its remarkable past needs to be brought forward, putting Coventry back on the map and giving the people the recognition they deserve as David would say.

It's not a full list of everything about Coventry; this would have taken a book for each letter of the alphabet. It isan interesting look into things that not everyone will know. David has made a point of getting all the dates, times, people and places in a correct sequence as some of the subjects have been wrongly reported in the past. I found it fascinating and would recommend you add it to your collection of publications about our beloved Coventry.

Paul Maddocks

David McGrory

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