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"Danger to St. Mary's Guildhall?"

Bins outside St. Mary's Guildhall

"Danger to Guildhall" - this is what Peter Wilford of the Coventry Freemans Guild said about the several large laden rubbish skips alongside the St. Mary's Guildhall. "Not only are they VERY ugly but also there is a fear that should there be a fire within these skips it would seriously damage our magnificent Guildhall".

The problem started when the food outlets in and around Castle Court changed their contracts for waste collection. Where there had previously been small bins kept neatly in hidden away bin stores, the new contract was for very large skips on wheels. These would not fit in the existing bin stores and the new waste company would only pick up the waste from the road side. When the bins are full they are to heavy to push by small catering staff, so the skips stay by the entrance to Castle Yard looking like a ugly mess and causing a danger.

This is a Conservation Area and is a very historic place which is frequented by tourists. The problem has been reported to the Council and they did visit the site. Council officers accepted assurances that the problem would not recur but nothing has changed.

What do you think about this desecration of our city's heritage?

Update 28/6/2017 - The Coventry Observer has reported that the fire hazard has now been removed and the bins relocated to a safer area.

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I am a staff member at the Guildhall & I have personally tried to address the issue face to face politely but unfortunately I was instantly confronted by one of the numerous tenants at Castle Yard who really quite officiously told me "Its just a wall" & "so what if the place is ancient,I don't care so get off my land you don't have any right to be here " I tried to tell them how historically important the medieval quarter is & that the Guildhall is the original seat of Council from 1345/46 but they became quite angry & threatened to have me escorted off the yard by police regardless of it having public right of access. I speak for all Heritage staff within our beautiful building when I say that we truly love our place of work,we are dedicated to its protection & we take our position as Hall Keepers,Custodians very seriously & we are all very much behind winning what feels like an ongoing battle to simply have 4 skip bins moved to a safer position to ensure the safety of our iconic Guildhall which houses for example a unique 10million 500 year old Flemish tapestry made specifically for the trinity guild along with numerous priceless portraits which hang in the great hall & Mayoress's chamber.

By Dee on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

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