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We want your opinion on Coventry


Whether you are a resident, a visitor, a Coventrian living elsewhere now, or maybe you work or study in Coventry, we welcome your views on our city’s heritage buildings, our new developments, the shops in Coventry, the nightlife in Coventry and new proposals in Coventry. 

Coventry people who care about our city’s past, present and future are welcome to share views with the Coventry Society. We would like to publish some of these on this website so please indicate if you are happy for us to do this. Just click here to give your opinon on Coventry.

Comments Received on this page:

Barry Bazeley; Venice, Florida, USA; Coventry ex pat: Posted on 10/7/2014

"Retaining the history of the City is very important. Coventry has a wealth of significance in history. Much water has gone over the dam over the years, and as many of us older ex-pats know, history should not be covered up but reclaimed to continue to teach a new generation of what occurred here. Pride and care of the city need to continue."

Phyl Hyde; Coventry. Posted on 20/1/2017

"I grew up in the 50s and 60s and remember how relaxed and easy it was to get around The Precinct, as a child with my mum and later, on my own as a teenager, while window shopping. After traditional narrow pavements, where you had to risk life and limb stepping into the road to get past oncoming pedestrians, it was a relaxing experience. People pushing buggies and prams and holding their children's hands could comfortably pass others doing the same. I also felt proud that Hereward College residents could zip around the City Centre in their wheelchairs. What a change there has been since then! The open spaces have been filled with fast food outlets and all manner of other obstructions. Now it is impossible to have a relaxed walk round: you are constantly avoiding and adjusting for obstacles and other pedestrians and even the odd cyclist. As Jim Royle would say: traffic-free my arse. The whole USP of The Precinct has been eradicated. I don't mind the odd bench or tree but the wide pedestrian spaces are gone. Were the powers that be worried about mass demonstrations? Even in the underpass between Anarchy Bridge and Estate Agents' Alley there's usually a homeless person taking up half of the pedestrian bit, forcing parents with buggies and kids etc into the cycle lane. I have no problem with students or trees but I'd really like The Council to get rid of some of the obstructions and maybe bring back the open air chess board."